Our Mission

lp_geschriftenThrough the diary of Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, The call to the creature to return to the Order, to the Place, and to the Purpose for which it was created by God, Jesus teaches us about the Gift of Living in the Divine Will.

The mission of Divine Will Ministries is to spread this message by helping others to know, love, and possess the Kingdom of God’s Will. Our mission is to fulfill the desire of Jesus when He prayed in the “Our Father”: “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Book of Heaven, February 20, 1924, Volume 16

To live in the Divine Will means to make the pure joys of the purpose of Creation return to God.

Ah! You do not know what it means to live in my Will. It means to make the pure joys of the purpose of Creation my innocent amusements, of the reason why I created man, return to Me. It means to remove from Me all the bitterness that the perfidious human will gave Me, almost at the dawn of Creation. It means a continuous exchange between human will and Divine Will, as the soul, fearing her own, lives of Mine, while Mine keeps filling the soul with joys, love and infinite goods. Oh! How happy I feel in being able to give whatever I want to this soul, because my Will contains such capacity as to be able to receive everything. So, there are no longer divisions between Me and her, but stable union in operating, in thinking, in loving, because my Will makes up for everything, so we remain in perfect accord and in communion of goods. This had been the purpose of the creation of man: to have him live as Our own child and to place all Our goods in common with him, so that he might be fully happy, and We might be amused with his happiness.

Now, to live in my Will is precisely this: to have the purpose, the joys, the feasts of Creation returned to Us. And you say that I should have kept it hidden in my Church, without letting it come out? I would have turned Heaven and earth upside down; I would have overwhelmed the hearts with an irresistible strength, in order to make known that which will be the fulfillment of Creation. Do you see how much I care for this living in my Will, which places the seal upon all my works, so that all of them may be complete? To you, perhaps, this may seem nothing, or that there are similar things in my Church. No, no. To Me, on the contrary, it is the All of my works, and you must appreciate it as such, and be more attentive in fulfilling the mission I want from you.”

Book of Heaven, February 16, 1921, Volume 12

In order to enter the Divine Will, the creature must do nothing but remove the little stone of her will.

While I was thinking about the Holy Divine Volition, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, there are neither paths nor doors nor keys to enter my Will, because my Will is everywhere. It flows under one’s feet, on the right, on the left, above one’s head – everywhere. The creature must do nothing but remove the little stone of her own will, which, though being in my Will, does not take part in, nor does it enjoy Its’ effects, becoming like a stranger in my Volition. In fact, it is as if the little stone of her will prevented the water from flowing from the shore so as to run somewhere else – the stones are blocking it. But if the soul removes the little stone of her will, at that very instant, she flows into Me, and I into her; she finds all my goods at her disposal: strength, light, help – whatever she wants. This is why there are no paths, no doors and no keys: it is enough for her to want it, and all is done. My Will takes charge of everything, providing her with all that she lacks, and making her wander within the interminable boundaries of my Will. It is completely the opposite for the other virtues: how many efforts are needed, how many fights, how many long paths! And while it seems that the virtue is smiling at her, one passion – a little violent, one temptation, one unexpected encounter, push her back to the beginning of the path.”